The eleventh and third Council of the Association was held in Kunming

On August 17, the eleventh and third Council of the association was held in Kunming. Zhang Wenlei, president of the association, presided over the meeting. Xing Aimin, president of Yunnan energy investment Chemical Co., Ltd., the co organizer of the meeting, delivered a welcome speech. Zhang Peichao, vice president and Secretary General of the association, made a summary of the work of the association in 2021 and the first half of this year and a thematic report on the work points of the association in the next stage. The meeting deliberated and passed the "Proposal on the 2021 Membership Fee Revenue and Expenditure Report of the Association", "Proposal on the Adjustment of Some Directors by the Council of the Association" and "Proposal on the Development of Members of the Association". The meeting heard the special report of Professor Zhang Yongming, chief scientist of Dongyuefluorosilicon technology group, on the latest situation of R & D and application of homemade ionic membranes. The meeting fully affirmed the latest achievements in the R&D and application of home-made ion membranes, and believed that the industry should strengthen efforts to further support the promotion and application of home-made ion membranes. The representatives at the meeting fully affirmed the work of the Association in 2021, and believed that the Association had carried out work closely around the focus and difficult problems of production, operation, transformation and upgrading of the chlor alkali industry, achieved great results, and promoted the healthy and high-quality development of the industry. As for the next work focus, it is believed that the Association should focus on the following aspects: 1. Further strengthen policy research while strengthening the monitoring of industrial economic operation. While guiding and promoting industrial enterprises to strictly implement relevant national industrial policies, fully reflect the demands of industrial enterprises and strive for relevant policies conducive to enterprise production and operation and industrial transformation and upgrading; 2. Further strengthen technological innovation in the industry. Focusing on promoting the research, development, application and promotion of domestic ionic membrane, mercury free catalyst, high salt wastewater treatment, expansion of PVC application field, hydrogen energy application and other key fields; 3. In view of the current situation of alkali chlorine imbalance, focus on the work of major chlorine products, and promote the healthy development of key chlorine products from the aspects of policy research and striving, technical exchange, especially the introduction and promotion of new technologies, market coordination, safety, environmental protection and energy conservation, and downstream market development; 4. Further do a good job in the work of the Standardization Committee of the association, do a solid job in basic work, systematically organize the preparation of group standards for products and downstream fields, safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc., and lay a solid foundation for the high-quality development of the industry; 5. Further strengthen the self construction of the association, strengthen the construction of the party organization of the association, strengthen the management and service of members, and constantly improve the ability and level of the service industry.