The 2021 Caustic Soda Industry Technology Annual Conference was held in Guilin

    From October 17th to 19th, the 2021 National Caustic Soda Industry Technology Annual Conference organized by the association was held in Guilin, Guangxi. 308 representatives from chlor-alkali production enterprises, scientific research units and related equipment service units attended the meeting. Zhang Xin, vice president of the association, presided over the meeting. Zhang Wenlei, president  of the association, briefed the recent economic operation of the industry in his speech, focused on analyzing the latest relevant industrial policies and the market situation of major products, and made further efforts to do a good job in technical exchanges and technological innovation in the industry. Come up with ideas. Liu Yancai, head of the caustic soda expert group of the association and general manager of Shaanxi Beiyuan, made a special report on the challenges and opportunities faced by the caustic soda industry under the background of double carbon; Ye Youzhong, the consulting director of China Chemical Information Center, made a special report on the transformation, upgrading and development of the chlor-alkali industry; the association Made a keynote report on policy analysis on the development of the chlor-alkali industry, carbon emission analysis in the chlor-alkali industry and discussion on the path of carbon peaking; Shanghai Chlor-alkali, Zhejiang Juhua, Shandong Binhua and Hangzhou Electrochem respectively made an analysis of electrolysis process management and the greening of caustic soda plants. Special reports on development and digital reform, sharing of electrolyzer energy-saving management experience, and introduction of enterprise energy-saving and water-saving technologies and management experience; The discussion on carbon reduction, the research and application report of domestic chlor-alkali ion membrane, the hydrogen energy strategy of Hongda Xingye and the special report on the thinking of Chinas new energy market; Chongqing Yingtianhui and Jiangsu Ankat made a special report on the utilization of industrial by-product salt resources ; De Nora, Chemours Chemical, Chlorine Engineering, INEOS, Asahi Organic Materials, Alfa Laval, Shanghai Ruichen Electromechanical, Shanghai Maituo, Hubei Xundi and other companies respectively introduced the progress of R&D and application of products and equipment; The meeting organized a caustic soda expert group meeting on the evening of the 17th. At the same time, the meeting opened key enterprise sub-venues and enterprise exhibition booth exchanges.