The working meeting of epichlorohydrin professional committee was held

 On January 13, the working meeting of the epichlorohydrin professional committee organized by the Association was held online. Wang Li, director of the research department of the association, presided over the meeting, and Zhang Wenlei, president of the association, attended the meeting. He introduced the overall operation of the industry, pointed out that epichlorohydrin is one of the most important chlorine consumption products in the chlor-alkali industry, and the stable operation of the device is of great significance to the alkali and chlorine balance in the chlor-alkali industry. The association will better serve the members of the epichlorohydrin professional committee and jointly promote the stable and healthy development of epichlorohydrin in China. At the meeting, the Association introduced the economic operation of domestic epichlorohydrin products in 2022 and the key work progress of the professional Committee. The participants exchanged views on the production and marketing situation of their enterprises in 2022 and the production and operation plan in 2023, and put forward suggestions on the work of the professionalcommittee in 2023.